Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Pedicam! This Blog is aimed to tell the world my stories through my very own eyes while using a fun play on words given my name is actually Cam!

A little bit about me:

I spend the first quarter century of my awesome life in the great state of Massachusetts where I went to school, witnessed the Red Sox break an 86 year old curse,┬áspoiled by the Pats taking taking three championships in a four year time frame while also cheering on the Celts and B’s to championships of their very own too!

Living in the Boston area really made it easy to be a die hard sports fan. But sports aren’t everything…

I have a vast interest in technology. There is nothing like a brand new tablet hitting the market, or discovering a lap top that features a touch screen AND 4K Display. It is truly a treat whenever I can uncover the latest and greatest gadgets that are introduced into the world.

But when I am not watching Sox in a Pennant Race or reading the cliffnotes to a keynote, I love to travel to my absolute favorite place in the whole wide world: Walt Disney World.

Despite living in Mass for most of my life, I have managed to make the treck to Orlando roughly 20 times in my life and to this day to not seem to ever get enough of it!

Now that I have moved on from the bitter cold winters and annual duck boat parades, I have now extended my life’s journey into the fantastic Austin, TX! Literally went from Boston to Austin.

Now that I am here, I want to share my knowledge, stories and insight to the greatest joys of my life (behind my beautiful wife of course)!

Please enjoy all that I have to offer and feel free to comment, message, jump for joy or whatever floats your boat!

Thank you to all,